Miracle Garden Dubai

When thinking of what to do in Miracle Garden, the largest natural flower garden in the world, you are in luck, since it is here where you can indulge in a wide array of unique experiences and activities. Whether you are here just to soak in the views of millions of beautiful flowers, or witness some of the most spectacular miracles in Dubai, the things to do in Miracle Garden are sure to leave you mesmerised. From catching sights of some of the biggest floral installations in the world, to taking a stroll under floral umbrella passages, or even relaxing amidst stunning sunflowers and other fragrant flowers, the Miracle Garden has a lot to offer to you.

Taking beauty to the ultimate grandeur, the world’s largest flower garden also lets you soak in views of 45 million flowers, that too in a desert region. One of the top things to do in Miracle Garden is to admire the giant life-size replica of the Emirates A380 Airbus, which is made entirely of flowers and living plants. And if you are confused about what to do in Miracle Garden, you can simply enjoy the number of exciting shows and exhibitions here, which are organised on a regular basis, or enjoy dining in Miracle Garden in the lap of nature at the different specialty cafes and food kiosks here, for an even better time.

Things To Do Inside Miracle Garden Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden
Experience the Beautiful Hearts Tunnel

Experiencing a walk through the beautiful Hearts Tunnel ranks at the top of the list of what to do in Miracle Garden. Amongst the most popular attractions in the miracle garden, the Hearts Tunnel, also known as the Hearts Passage embodies flowers and hearts, two of the biggest symbols of love. This entire passage is lined up by huge heart shaped gates and arches that create a walkway of flowers, in different shades of white, red and blue. And walking through this passage with your loved one or significant other is one of the most romantic things that you can do here.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Witness Smurfs Village

When looking for things to do in Miracle Garden, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Smurfs Village located here. It is one of the newer attractions of the garden, and is also said to break a few world records for Miracle Garden. Designed on the fantasy world of the Smurf comics, the Smurfs Village reimagines the world of these adorable blue creatures, and is a great place for kids to spend some time at. The village has mushroom houses, in addition to topiaries as well as an activity area. You can even catch several themed shows and performances in the Smurfs Village during the evenings.

Dubai Miracle Garden
See The Emirates A380

One of the best things to do during your visit to the Dubai Miracle Garden is to see the life-sized floral replica of the Emirates A380 passenger flight here. This floral structure is one of the most popular ones in the garden, in addition to being the biggest structure to have ever been built inside a garden. It also has a Guinness World Record to its name. This floral installation is made of more than 5,00,000 real flowers and plants, all of which are changed on a regular basis to keep the installation beautiful. This installation is also special since it honours Dubai’s flagship carrier.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Pass from Umbrella Tunnel

Passing under the Umbrella Tunnel is surely amongst the top activities to do in the Dubai Miracle Garden. Said to be one of the most interesting and creatively designed areas of the garden, the Umbrella tunnel is made of upside-down umbrellas, which form a shaded canopy for visitors to walk through. These umbrellas are all designed with little flowers of different colours, and are arranged in rings which are separated by flower bands, thereby matching the colours of each umbrella section. There are green plants here as well, that hang between each umbrella section, thereby resembling a rainforest, making a great place to walk through.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Check the Time on Floral Clock

Not sure of what to do in Miracle Garden? Check out the time on the giant Floral Clock in the garden. Tucked right in the centre of the gardens, the Floral Clock gives visitors a chance to check the time from a different and rather unique vantage point. This 15-metre floral clock boasts of stunning floral designs and arrangements, and is made of real flowers and plants, the designs of which change according to the seasons. It also has working mechanical parts, which were brought in from the United States, which let you see the hours changing in real time, thereby making it one of the most elaborate floral structures inside the garden.

teddy bear  dubai miracle garden.jpg
Catch Big Teddy Bear

Don’t forget to catch sights of the Big Teddy Bear in the garden, which is one of the top things to do in Miracle Garden. Made entirely of living plants and flowers, this 40-feet high floral teddy bear is one of the most magnificent attractions of the Miracle Gardens. Bringing your childhood memories to life, this teddy bear is seen with a cute red bowtie on its neck, along with a bright red flower heart in its hands. This teddy is also one of the tallest installations in the entire Miracle Garden, in addition to being a popular spot in Miracle Garden for posing in front of the cameras.

Dubai miracle garden
Adore the Floating Lady

Ranked as one of the best things to do in Miracle Garden is to admire the structure of the Floating Lady here, which is one of the newer attractions of the garden. This installation imagines a larger-than-life woman who is seen floating mid-air on her back, with her dress and hair flowing all the way down to the ground. However, it is the Floating Lady’s dress that is the highlight of this structure, and is made entirely out of white and red petunias, and give away a surreal illusion to the eyes as they seamlessly merge with the lush flower gardens down below the structure.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Relax at Sunflower Fields

Spread across a wide expanse inside the Dubai Miracle Garden is the spectacular Sunflower Field, which doubles up as a great place to sit back and relax amidst the verdant sights. Looking their absolute best during bright, sunny days, the sunflowers in this floral field are the brightest of yellow, and make for a stunning backdrop for any kind of photograph that you would like to take here. And with thousands of sunflowers in bloom at the same time, the sights are simply like they have been taken out of a fairy-tale, in addition to being a sight for sore eyes.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Stroll at Cabanas

After indulging in the many things to do in Miracle Garden, make sure you take some time out to take a relaxing stroll at the Cabanas in the garden. Great for a quick break from the exploration of this majestic garden, these cabanas are decorated with flower drapes and curtains, and also have floor cushions where you can relax your tired feet. These are the perfect spot to unwind and rejuvenate, and exude an ambience similar to the lush surroundings of Hawaii, thereby making them one of the most romantic places in the entire garden.

Floral Castle Dubai Miracle gardem.jpg
Enjoy at Floral Castle

Completed with comfortable seating arrangements, dining facility, areas for beautiful photography & shopping at miracle garden, the Floral Castle inside the Dubai Miracle Garden is a great place to spend time at. Designed with the themes of the magical lands of Disney, the Floral Castle is decorated with uncountable flowers and plants in hues of green and red, in addition to being surrounded by fragrant beds of daisies and sunflowers. It also has fortress towers, where you can head up to, and enjoy serene views of the garden. The Floral Castle is also one of the best places in the entire garden to indulge in photography with your friends and family.

Floral Villas Dubai miracle garden.jpg
Relive the Joyous at Floral Villas

Relaxing and enjoying a joyous time at the Floral Villas is amongst the most popular things to do in Miracle Garden. Designed and developed in 2014, there are around a dozen floral houses, villas and bungalows in the garden, each of which has a unique shape, size, look, colour as well as a theme of its own. Located right down the main path from the entry to the garden, this line of floral villas looks picture-perfect, with their exterior walls and roofs being decorated with lilac, lavender, orange and lillywhite-coloured flowers. Leafy green vines and plants also cover the villas, adding to their glory.

Miracle Garden
Visit Hill Top

When exploring the Dubai Miracle Garden, visit the Hill Top here, which is amongst the more popular attractions of the garden. The Hill Top actually is a flower garden that has flowers and plants arranged at an angle, in a way such that they create a sense of height to it, and make the garden look like a hill. The design of the hill top lets you navigate the passages through the different installations, thereby leading you to the top of this hill, from where you can enjoy soaking in views of the colourful flowers down below. The Hill Top also has a few cafes and ice cream kiosks located nearby, making it a perfect place to relax for some time.

Lake park Dubai miracle garden.jpg
Enjoy Unlimited Fun at Lake Park

One of the absolutely thrilling things to do in Miracle Garden is to head to the Lake Park for a fun-filled time. Located in the heart of the Miracle Garden, the Lake Park is amongst the most beautiful and stunning areas of the garden, and consists of a crystal-clear lake, which is surrounded by floral gardens on all sides. With the Floral Villas on one side and the mills on its other side, the Lake Park also boasts of floral models of ships and boats in different colours of purple, green, red, pink, orange and blue, located on the banks of the lake.

3d floral Dubai miracle garden.jpg
Catch the Charm of 3D Floral Designs

Catch sights of the charming 3D floral designs of all colours and shapes when you visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. Designed and conceptualised by some of the best floral designers and architects, these 3D floral designs are some of the most popular attractions of the Miracle Garden. Using vibrant fresh flowers and living plants, these structures look unique and quite remarkable. Some of the best 3D floral designs in the garden consist of giant floral mushrooms and humanoid ants to swans decorated with roses, floral cars and more.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Spend Some Leisure Time at Sitting Area

Amongst the more relaxing things to do in Miracle Garden is spending time at the Sitting Area here. You are sure to get tired of exploring this vast and majestic garden when you visit it, and therefore, it is essential to take a break and spend some time at leisure here. For that, there are several comfortable, semi-secluded sitting areas inside the Miracle Garden, located around Lake Park. Complete with comfortable seats and benches, these areas offer relaxing views of the floral installations, flower gardens as well as fountains in the garden, in addition to shade from the Dubai heat.

Recreational Activities in Miracle Garden Dubai

In addition to the many things that you can enjoy doing at the Dubai Miracle Garden, there are numerous other activities Miracle Garden organises for visitors, which they can enjoy with their friends and families. So, if you are thinking of what to do in Miracle Garden as a sort of recreation with your near and dear ones, you can enjoy witnessing the unique Flower Parade here. For those who visit the garden with their little ones, there is an entire kid’s play zone here, where children can spend some time playing around. Or you can also enjoy a yoga session amidst the plants and the fragrant flowers in the morning hours at the garden. Checkout the essential informations before you plan your visit to Miracle Garden.

Miracle Garden
Join the Flower Parade

Join the spectacular Flower Parade when you visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, and get a chance to witness fantastic floral floats pass through the passages in the Garden. These floats are accompanied by live music as well as performers and street dancers, who wear colourful costumes and masks as they march with the floats in a choreographed rhythm. All of the flowers and plants in the floats are from the garden, in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours as well as sweet fragrances, making them a sight to behold. The Flower Parade is nothing short of a brilliant visual spectacle, one that you must witness at least once in your lifetime.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Play and Enjoy at Kids Play Zone

The Dubai Miracle Garden is also home to a newly opened Kids Play Zone, which is an interactive area for children visiting the garden. Designed in accordance with the age groups of all the children that visit the garden, this Play Zone boasts of a myriad of exciting activities and attractions, all of which are decorated with giant flowers. In addition to a trampoline, there are several simple and non-mechanised games at the Play Zone as well, thereby ensuring that your little ones have a good time here. The Kid’s Play Zone also has a separate dedicated staff of its own, who take care of the supervision and safety of the children here.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Yoga at the Park

Amongst the most relaxing recreational activities that you can do at the Dubai Miracle Garden is attending a yoga session here. The garden organises group yoga sessions at regular intervals, which are designed in a way such that they suit visitors of all ages, and with different levels of fitness. Set amidst the lush ambience of the garden, these yoga sessions are great to clear your mind, while also making your body stronger and more flexible. And with the presence of the millions of flowers and giant floral structures, your yoga experience at the Dubai Miracle Garden is sure to be nothing short of pleasant.

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