Miracle Garden During Ramadan

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai, known for its breathtaking floral displays and unique designs. It is a must-see destination for nature lovers and photographers, with over 150 million flowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ramadan is a significant month in the Islamic calendar, and Muslims all over the world value it. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset during this time, devoting their time to prayer and self-reflection.

Miracle Garden recognizes the significance of Ramadan and provides visitors with special timing and experiences during this holy month. In the following sections, we will look at the Miracle Garden's Ramadan schedule and what visitors can expect when they visit.

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Miracle Garden Ramadan Timings

  • Dubai Miracle Garden adjusts its opening hours during the month of Ramadan to cater to visitors who prefer to visit during the evening. The garden opens daily at 10:00 a.m. and remains open until 10:00 p.m. during Ramadan.
  • Visitors can also enjoy Iftar and Suhoor packages at the garden, which offers a variety of food and beverage options, including traditional Arabic cuisine and international dishes.
  • Aside from the special Ramadan timings and dining options, Miracle Garden organizes a range of events and activities to celebrate the holy month. These events include live performances, cultural activities, and special floral displays with Ramadan themes.

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What to Expect During Your Visit

What to Expect During Your Visit
  • During Ramadan, Miracle Garden has special floral displays that celebrate the holy month with Arabic calligraphy, traditional Islamic patterns, and Islamic faith symbols. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of food and beverage options during this time, including traditional Arabic cuisine, international dishes, and sweet treats and desserts.

  • During Ramadan, visitors must adhere to the dress code, which requires modest and respectful attire. Clothing that is loose-fitting and breathable and covers the shoulders and knees is recommended.

  • Prayer facilities are available at the garden to meet the religious needs of visitors, with separate areas for men and women. Visitors must also be aware of the prayer times and plan their visits accordingly.

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Tips for Visiting Miracle Garden During Ramadan

Tips for Visiting Miracle Garden During Ramadan
  • Check the park's hours: During Ramadan, the hours of operation may change, so double-check before you go.
  • Dress modestly: Wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees to show respect for the local culture.
  • Remember that Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, so refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public during the day.
  • Plan ahead of time: Because the garden is popular during Ramadan, it's best to plan ahead of time to avoid crowds.
  • Enjoy the evening hours: During Ramadan, the garden is open later at night, allowing you to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and beautiful lighting after sunset.
  • Purchase tickets online: To avoid long lines at the ticket counter and not miss out on any opportunities

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