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About Dubai Butterfly Garden

Get your hands on the Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets and enjoy a visit to the largest covered butterfly garden in the whole world. Amongst the most popular attractions in the city, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is tucked inside the beautiful Miracle Garden Dubai, and is home to around 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species, creating a natural habitat for them. This indoor garden also boasts of 10 stunning domes, all of which are custom-made and climate controlled, and add a rather unique dimension to this garden.

Besides the domes, you can also see the one-of-a-kind butterfly museum with your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets. This museum has handcrafted designs made of thousands of different butterflies that have been collected from various different parts of the world. In addition to being a haven for nature lovers, the Dubai Butterfly Garden also doubles up as an educational facility, where you can learn and see first-hand the lifecycle of a butterfly in the various stages of metamorphosis. You can also head to the small koi fish pond here, which is included in your Butterfly Garden ticket price, and soak in sights of numerous white and orange fishes, whilst also soaking in the serenity here.

Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets Variants

Butterfly Garden Dubai
Dubai Butterfly Garden Admission Ticket

Avail the standard Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets, and enjoy 9 hours of uninterrupted access to this stunning garden in Dubai. Explore this garden and get a chance to see and learn about 15,000 butterflies spread across 50 different species, common as well as rare and exotic. With these tickets, you also get an incredibly rare opportunity to see the different lepidopterans evolve from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, and fly amidst all the visitors. You can also pay a visit to the small yet tranquil koi fish pond located inside the garden, where you can enjoy catching sights of beautiful koi fishes in shades of white and orange.

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Global Village
Dubai Miracle Garden With Global Village and with Butterfly Garden Combo

For the best experience of what Dubai has to offer, combine your visit to the Butterfly Garden with a visit to other popular attractions here, such as the Miracle Garden and the Global Village. In addition to seeing about the different butterflies, their life cycles, as well as the other attractions within the Butterfly Garden, you can avail a special Butterfly Garden ticket price and explore the Miracle Garden, a floral wonderland with more than 50 million flowers and structures made of flowers. Then, you can make a trip to the Dubai Global Village, a one-of-a-kind cultural, tourism and entertainment attraction, where you get to experience the traditions, food and culture of over 75 countries of the world.

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Miracle Garden With Butterfly Garden

Enjoy a day out at two of the best gardens of Dubai, for a special combo Butterfly Garden Dubai entry fee. Begin your tour at the Butterfly Garden, as you explore the climate-controlled domes, the butterfly museum and the koi fish pond here, in addition to seeing thousands of butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes here. Then, head over to the Miracle Garden, known as the largest natural flower garden in the whole world. It is here where you will get to see millions of beautiful flowers, in addition to creative floral displays and structures, including the longest floral wall ever made. You can also see a life-size version of the Emirates A380 airbus covered wholly with fresh flowers and living plants.

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Which Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets To Choose

It is best to book your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets online so that you can secure your visit to the garden. Since the Butterfly Garden is amongst the most popular gardens and attractions in Dubai, its tickets may get sold out rather quickly. By booking your visit in advance, you can avoid having to stand in a long queue and wait for your turn at the ticket counters amidst the rush and the heat. Additionally, you can also enjoy several other advantages, from faster and hassle-free entry, combo deals and discounts, to other offers, which make your visit to this garden even better.

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Entry to Dubai Butterfly Garden

If you would like to save time For those who wish to save time when planning a visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden can pre-book their tickets online. This not only helps to save the time spent standing in queues at the ticket booths, and also ensures that you gain quicker entry to the garden without waiting for a long time in the heat and the rush of other visitors.

If you wish to explore further Those who wish to explore other attractions along with the Butterfly Garden can choose one of the several combo ticket options and get a chance to visit other popular attractions in Dubai. This **includes the Dubai Miracle Garden and the Dubai Global Village, among others.

Experience more through Combo Tickets For an even better tour of Dubai, combo tickets of the Dubai Butterfly Garden are your best bet. In addition to visiting other iconic attractions in the city, such as the Dubai Miracle Garden and the Global Village, you can also enjoy other inclusions and offers with combo tickets. These include complimentary round-trip transfers to and from your hotel, guide services and more, that too at a great Butterfly Garden ticket price.

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Why Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden at Dubai

With your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets, you will get a chance to explore the largest covered butterfly garden in the whole world, located within the Miracle Garden. Tucked amidst 50 million flowers, the Butterfly Garden lets you witness more than 15,000 butterflies from 50 different species from different parts of the world. It is also the first indoor butterfly garden in the United Arab Emirates, and lets you gain deeper insights into the world of butterflies in their natural habitat, in addition to seeing their stages of metamorphosis. During your visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden, you can even get to see rare and butterflies, such as the Archaeoprepona Demophon, the Monarch Butterfly, the Red Rim, the exotic African Queen, the Great Eggfly and the Golden Birdwing, among others.

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Experiences In Dubai Butterfly Garden

Here are some things to do inside Duabi Miracle Garedn.

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Dubai Butterfly  garden
Gain Insights by visiting Educational Area

Use your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets to gain insights into the world and life cycle of butterflies by visiting the educational area here. This area of the garden consists of a butterfly museum, where you can learn a lot about the ages of butterflies, in addition to witnessing their stages of metamorphosis, from a cocoon to caterpillar, pupa and then to an adult butterfly in great detail. It is in this Educational Area where you can also find out a lot of interesting trivia about the different types and species of butterflies, in addition to seeing their natural habitats.

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Witness Different Species Of Butterflies

It is at the Dubai Butterfly Garden where you can witness an extensive range of different species of butterflies, flying around in their natural environments. Home to ten amazing climate-controlled domes, the garden has all kinds of butterflies in various different shapes, sizes and colours, that you will get a chance to see here during your visit. Some of the butterflies here originate from Latin America, Africa as well as Asia. Additionally, you can even see the biggest species of the Blue Morpho here, along with the American white-winged Anteos Clorinde butterfly, the large Owl Butterfly as well as other species like the Red Rim, African Queen, Tailed Jay, Great Eggfly and Orange Oakleaf, among others.

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Dining Options at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Lushful Dining Experiences

When visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden, don’t forget to satiate your hunger with a great dining experience in the lap of nature. Home to several food kiosks, cafes as well as coffee and candy shops, the garden lets you indulge in delicious food whilst looking at the butterflies during your visit. Everything here is made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From hand-crafted Starbucks coffees and delicious sandwiches, to fruit platters, fresh juice as well as a candy bar or ice creams, you can choose from a wide array of things to tuck into the garden.

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Koi Pond Dubai Butterfly Garden
Visit Koi Pond

The Dubai Butterfly Garden also boasts of a tranquil and serene koi fish pond, where you can stop and relax for a while. Located in Dome 2 of the garden, this koi pond has numerous magnificent koi fishes, in stunning shades of white, gold and orange colours, swimming alongside each other. All of these fishes come from the Far East, and are commonly known as Jinli in Mandarin. From simply enjoying the views of these fishes, to listening to the sound of the running water in the pond, or even capturing these relaxing views in your camera lens, you can do it all at the koi pond.

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Kids Cinema at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Watch Movies At Kids Cinema

Boasting of a Kids Cinema, the Butterfly Garden is also a place where you can watch movies with your little ones. Rather than other types of movies, it is at this Kids Cinema where you can enjoy watching educational movies, animations and stories of the life cycle of butterflies, thereby getting an insight into their life and habitats. Besides that, the Kids Cinema also has a great collection of family-friendly Disney movies to keep you entertained.

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Souvenirs at Dubai Butterfly Garden
Buy Souvenirs

Your Butterfly Garden ticket price also includes a trip to the garden’s gift shop, which is the perfect place to get your hands on exclusive souvenirs, trinkets and gifts to take back home as a reminder on your visit to this attraction. In addition to an extensive selection of locally made jewellery, you can also buy carefully preserved butterflies in frames, as well as toys, books, accessories and clothing items here. You can even get butterflies encased in different objects at this souvenir shop, including keychains and refrigerator magnets, among others.

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Know Before You Go Dubai Butterfly Garden

Facts About Dubai Butterfly Garden
Dubai Butterfly Garden Rules
Useful Tips Before Booking Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets
Essential Information
Park Instructions

  • The Dubai Butterfly Garden is home to more than 15,000 butterflies belonging to over 50 different species from various parts of the world, including Asia, Africa as well as Latin America
  • In addition to being the largest covered butterfly park in the world, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is also the largest indoor butterfly garden in the entire United Arab Emirates
  • The garden boasts of 10 stunning domes, which are not only custom-made, but also climate-controlled, thereby resembling the natural environments and habitats of the thousands of butterflies here
  • Besides the butterflies, you can also see millions of flowers and living plants here, as the Butterfly Garden is tucked within the Dubai Miracle Garden
  • For more information you can also checkout the facts of Miracle Garden.
  • You can also see butterflies that have passed away, preserved neatly in frames and other works of art at the Butterfly Museum inside the garden
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FAQs Of Dubai Butterfly Garden

What is so special about Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is the largest covered butterfly garden in the whole world, in addition to being the largest indoor garden in all of UAE. It is here where you can catch sights of more than 15,000 butterflies of all colours, shapes and sizes, belonging to over 50 species. You can also see several species of rare and exotic butterflies here, from Asia, Latin America as well as Africa, in addition to witnessing their different stages of metamorphosis.

Does Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets give access to see other sites at Dubai Miracle Garden as well?

No, the standard Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets do not give visitors access to see other sites at the Dubai Miracle Garden, since this garden is a completely different space inside the Miracle Garden. Visitors can only explore the Domes, the Kids Cinema, souvenir shops, food kiosks, butterfly museum, the koi fish pond and the educational areas with this ticket. However, for those who wish to see the other attractions and sites at the Dubai Miracle Garden, it is best to avail the combo Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets, which allows access to both of these gardens.

How has the Indoor Space of Butterfly Garden been decorated?

The indoor space of the Butterfly Garden, also known as the Domes in the Garden, are all decorated with beaded curtains and covered with flowers as well as lush plants. Covered everywhere with plants to resemble the look of a forest, this space also has ivy plants hanging from the ceilings, along with shrubs, bushes and more plants lining the pathways.

How many domes are present inside Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The Dubai Butterfly garden has 10 domes, all of which are custom-made and climate controlled. These domes have a set temperature of 24 degrees celsius, and boast of many flowers and living plants, along with lush foliage, ivy and other creepers hanging from the ceilings, thereby resembling the natural environments of butterflies.

Where can I buy Butterfly Garden Tickets?

Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets can be purchased at the counter on-site, online at their official website, or on various other travel websites. But one must opt for online tickets as you can find the best deals here on the Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets.

Can you book the Butterfly Garden Tickets online?

Yes, one can buy Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets online, for quicker entry into the garden and to save time and the hassles of standing in long queues at the ticket booths.

What is the best time to go to Butterfly Garden?

The best time to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden is during the winter months, from November to March. The city has a favourable climate during these months, making it more comfortable to explore the Garden and its attractions during the day, without having to deal with the desert heat. Furthermore, visiting the garden in the early hours of the day, as soon as it opens, is ideal, since this is when there is a relatively less crowd in the garden, and the weather is more bearable.

Things to Do in Miracle Garden